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Gently guiding you back to yourself


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What I offer

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Learn How I Can
Help You Heal

Are you feeling emotionally blocked? In physical pain?

Lacking clarity? Overwhelmed? Down?

Or just needing an all-round boost? Well, you need look no further!

Whether you’re feeling emotionally, physically or mentally off-point, my potent broad-spectrum holistic blend of Reiki, IQM and Intuitive Counselling/Coaching brings deep, enduring healing on all levels.

Leaving you to just get on with living your best life!

Click below for info on my online LET GO & LIVE program, online healing sessions, virtual retreats, drop-in group ZOOM healings, and much more…


from the comfort of your home.

My Healing Headlines
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“ Universal Life Energy ” 

An ancient, gentle, and yet awesomely powerful Japanese energy healing system. I’m a master practitioner and teacher,

trained in the traditional Usui system.

In the sessions, I use Reiki alongside all my healing work to strengthen and protect it,

and after to integrate and consolidate

all the healing that has gone before.

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“ Guided Counselling ” 

Here I bow to the far greater, infinite wisdom

of my healing and counselling guides.

Received as “intuition”, they gracefully guide the sessions to serve my clients’ highest good. In fact, I’m often as blown away as my clients

at their on-point precision!

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“ Integrative Quantum Medecine ” 

Pulls together the very best of all healing modalities, along with boasting a firm footing in TCM  (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

The system was passed on to me by its

creator, Louise Mita, who in turn trained

directly under a 35th generation Shaolin

Martial Arts Grand Master, amongst many other leading wellness gurus. It’s an all-singing, all-dancing system like no other, exquisite in its instantaneous efficacy and, for this, quite rightly strap-lined:  “Easier done than said!”

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©️ Cat Weisweiller, trading as The Online Healer

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