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How healing
found me

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Hello, I'm Cat

I’ve been a qualified Reiki practitioner for over 20 years. I began my journey into healing after my mum passed away;  initially trying to hold grief at bay to soldier on through a TV production — but my buried emotions soon resurfaced as glandular fever, stopping me in my tracks. This drove home the irrefutable link between mental/emotional well-being and physical health. And so began an unchartered journey — further and further away from an enticingly loud  and lucrative TV career, and closer to a more whispered soul purpose. I never could have imagined just how fulfilling this turnabout would turn out to be...

When I first encountered Reiki, it felt like coming home, and I soon began training up the levels to become a Reiki master. After many years working with clients and seeing the amazing benefits of allowing the universe to work for them, I wanted to find even more ways to assist people on their healing journey. As my practice deepened, I observed that no matter how self-aware a client may be, and however determined to break repeated patterns, they still repeated – and I realised that the real root of the issue lay much deeper; in past life karma and a plethora of other multidimensional triggers. I began integrating intuitive counselling and coaching into my practice and, more recently, found my way to IQM – Integrative Quantum Medicine™️ – the final piece of the healing puzzle. This was the first time I had ever felt driven to build on the incredibly powerful modality that already is Reiki, so I promptly trained in the IQM system with its creator, Louise Mita. Fusing these elements has meant that I can bring about a powerful and instant healing that I confidently know to work, on all levels.

I feel great gratitude for the joy of guiding people back to their essence — the finest versions of themselves; from “lost to found”. The change in people after just one session is exhilarating. And it never becomes any less humbling to behold how the pieces of a persons’ psyche and past experience weave together into the why of who they are today. Some blueprints for the keeping, and yet some distinctly not – such as negative childhood imprints, hidden pain bodies, self-limiting blocks and beliefs, and cords binding them to people, places and things which no longer serve.  All the above, seemingly insurmountable and yet, just like that, CLEARED?! 

It is immensely satisfying to see how instantaneously change can happen, and I am fully unapologetic in saying that miracles are no longer beyond people’s reach, but very much there for everyone’s taking.

& Achievements

I'm a certified Usui Reiki Master & IQM Practitioner

I have been affiliated with Alive & Well (Covent Garden, London) and Ibiza Yoga (Benirras, Ibiza.) I have also been privileged to serve many high-end private retreats in Ibiza; including as a listed therapist with Ibiza Retreats for many years and, alongside this in more recent years, Holymama Retreats 

Plus a happy addition of Chaya Retreats in 2022



Amongst many, I was a regular fixture at Healing Ibiza, agroturismo Atzaro, and repeatedly hosted the alternative therapy hall at the Ibiza Spirit Festival, also held twice a year at Atzaro.



I am an RTS (Royal Television Society) nominated documentary maker, later becoming editorial consultant and lead writer of publications local to Ibiza: ibiCASA and La Optimista (née Detodo en Ibiza). This background in journalism is the very thing which, quite apart from illustrating my lifelong interest in people, aligns me with the strains of cutthroat media, celebrity life, and corporate business, and has me passionately upholding client confidentiality and anonymity. It also strengthens my ability to read a person and their needs decisively. This comes from years of cutting down hours of footage, often across multiple edit suites, to deliver succinct 25-minute snapshots of people’s lives, along with the discernment required for copy editing. Thanks to this experience, I am well placed to beeline to the crux of your problems, and assuredly sculpt away any unneeded sludge — relegating it to YOUR cutting room floor!

I’m deeply thankful for these additional tools.

Affiliations / Retreats


Feeder Background

And, just like that, behold your renewed, lighter self!

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Chat with me

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If you have any questions about me, or any of the services I offer,

then I’m happy to chat. I’d also love to hear from you if you want to collaborate

or discuss bespoke treatment packages or services.