How can she help you heal?


Find compassionate unconditional support to feel lighter & free.


♡   Looking for a space to feel seen and heard.

♡   Needing a deeply supportive space.

♡   Wanting to feel secure and safe.


Unlike traditional talk-therapies, the more personalised guidance that is offered really helps you to understand the qualities of unconditional love, making this approach invaluable for a journey of re-parenting your child self. ​It is also for people who are looking for an efficient way to clear emotions that they are moving through. 1:1 sessions will bring peace to those who are struggling to let go of situations with ease. After a session you can expect to feel lighter in you body and have clarity and calm restored to any mental confusion and over-thinking.

Motivational coaching sessions infused with a potent blend of Reiki, IQM. Intuitive Counselling / Coaching to guide you through mental and emotional blocks, opening the way for deep healing of unconscious tension. This approach provided a highly efficient energy cleanse, supporting self-regulation, suitable even for those with busy lives.


The Online Healer





1:1 SESSIONS: From £45 - £120

How can my work support you?

INTUITIVE COACHING -m1:1 sessions effortlessly explore the root cause of your emotional, physical or mental unease, with intuitive coaching/counselling laying the foundation of the healing to come. ​​


IQM - Integrative Quantum Medicine - A brand of energetic healing straplined “Easier done than said”. This healing system, ideal for remote work, is a fast track to clearing the unconscious triggers for any given issue.​​


REIKI - Reiki energy then integrates and calibrates changes to your energy field, restoring balance and filling you up with fresh, renewed healing energy. This will leave you basking in a winning energetic combo of lightness, expansiveness and groundedness.


Would you like to approach your day with more emotional confidence?
Learning to ground your awareness will create a lasting shift in your emotional state. This simple and effective practice, can be a valuable tool to apply in all lifestyle situations. Learn this and begin to feel more centered. 

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4-part audio program

Would you like to dive deeper?

My 6-week ​Mentored Program includes:

♡   Group opening session

♡   2 x 1:1 online healing sessions

♡   4 weeks of guided audios 

♡   A 1-week empowerment pack

♡   3 x group accountability calls

♡   Bonus additions

Advanced booking required

Value £865 special price £500

♡   'Top n Tail' package includes

       program content + 2 x 1:1 online sessions.

       Special Offer £400

♡   Content-only, Saver Special only £250

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♡   ZOOM & BOOST - drop-in group healing £20

♡   BOOST - 90-min online 1:1  Healing session £120

♡   mini BOOST's - pack of  3 x 30 min remote healings £90 

♡   CHAT & BOOST - 45-min call £45 



“I have had several Reiki and guided counselling sessions with Cat over the last 18 months during which time I’ve been going through a number of transitions in my life... I have found the work Cat has done on me to be really helpful in helping me with my journey. Cat has a unique ability that leaves me feeling balanced, relaxed and more spiritually aware. I recommend Cat without hesitation, she’s a rare find!”

— Paul Holloway (Regular client in London & Ibiza)

“After only one session with Cat, the sleep problems I had been experiencing for years disappeared and I felt restored and regenerated… Our counselling sessions also put many problems into perspective and I felt a deep sense of peace, which stayed with me… Cat is a true professional and I feel completely relaxed and able to fully let go in her presence.”

— Helen Howard (Poet)

“I had my first session with Cat and didn’t know quite what to expect. I was slightly sceptical about what this could offer but, after the session, I found that I felt considerably emotionally and physically better. However it works, it did!... I have had a number of sessions with Cat since and always leave them feeling stronger and happier.”

— Michael Dent (Regular client in London & Ibiza)

“Cat is so cool and I would highly recommend her for healing!! I have had two sessions with her now, one for cutting a cord with a toxic ex and another for inviting in better career prospects... The sessions are soothing, fun and relaxing and Cat is personable, friendly, lovely, compassionate and an excellent guide.”

— Alexia Eden - Yoga teacher at Eden Yoga - @edenyoga7
(Regular client and Reiki student)

“I found working online to be amazingly effective… My conversations with Cat felt as intimate, personal and focused as they would have been if we had been in the same room.  It was very relaxing to know that you simply had to be in front of the screen ready for each session.  I felt that our conversations were fluid and insightful and the guided meditations online also felt no different to if she had been in the room with me. “

— Mark Southgate (Creator of the GEISHA GODDESS series)

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Online Group Healing


  • A moment to pause

  • Detach from the real world 

  • Breathing techniques

  • Guided visualisation

Intuited to the exact needs of any specific day / eve / group.

Real-time IQM and Reiki healing, alongside a motivational team chat. 

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Designed to flow alongside a busy lifestyle.


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