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Keeping Our Bodies in 
pH Balance to Ward Off Disease


Published in Detodo/La Optimista, Ibiza’s good news only newspaper.

Dr Robert Young, microbiologist and nutritionist, is author of several critically acclaimed books including:

‘The pH Miracle’ and ‘The pH Miracle for Diabetes’. His main goal is to promote a greater awareness of the significance of a proper acid alkaline balance within our bodies; this achieved through

an alkaline diet, healthy lifestyle, and diet supplements.

During his 30 years of in-depth research, Dr Young established that every cell in the body needs the light derived from green plants. Hence, the greater the amount of alkaline and green foods we consume, the better our cells function,

and thus the greater our overall health. In fact, not to put too fine a point on things, Dr Young states:

“Over-Acidification of the body is the single underlying cause of all disease.”

Scientists have found that when the biological balance is out of its healthy alkaline pH range,

the cells of the body fail to function properly. An overly acidic blood pH puts the body at a higher risk of

catching a multitude of acute and chronic diseases, as well as precipitated physical deterioration and aging.

Whereas, many recognising the link between over-acidification (acidosis) of the body - and the resulting growth of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and moulds - state that the ideal and optimum state of the human organism is an alkaline one; providing an environment in which germs cannot develop. According to Dr Young, your body pH

can be monitored simply at home, using urine test strips to gauge your urine’s pH –

which, for optimum lasting health, should ideally average at 7 or above.

If you want to take things a stage further than just upping your greens consumption (which, in itself, is a major step

in the right direction), Dr Young advocates juicing as the ultimate fast track to alkalising and maintaining our systems. Charts on which foods are acid / alkaline, and countless recipes for green smoothies and juices can be found online.

For more info, we also recommend you view ‘Dr Young on the importance of Juicing’ on YouTube.

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