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The Power of Laughter


Published in Detodo/La Optimista, Ibiza’s good news only newspaper.

"Laughter is the best medicine" is a phrase that has been bandied about for many years.

A Chinese man, Li Xuan Tun, certainly shares the same view:

For his whole life, Li Xuan Tun dreamed of living a peaceful and humble life in a monastery;

practicing Chinese marital arts and exploring spiritual development. It was only when he was approaching 70

that he managed to fulfil this lifelong dream. Now aged 80, and reportedly boasting agility akin to a 35-year-old,

Li gladly rises every day at 4 am. From this moment on, he devotes several hours to physical and mental exercises; including one which adheres to the widely held theory that the secret to lasting health and happiness

is a good old chuckle. He schedules laughter for no less than 10 minutes, 4 times a day; claiming that if you think

about an unpleasant memory whilst laughing - thereby effectively laughing at your problems - hardship and worry

will dissipate even faster. A daily exercise routine as pleasing and manageable as this is surely worth a go?

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