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More snippets of
the l  vely things people are saying...



Alexia Eden


(Regular Reiki client and student)

I did my Reiki 3 (Master Practitioner) with Cat and it was an amazing experience.

She is an amazing, beautiful, loving, gorgeous person who is generous and thoughtful. 

I feel so much better about my Reiki strength and I loved learning new things.

Cat designed my training specifically to my needs and recapped Reiki 1 and 2 beautifully.

I was shocked at the difference I felt after the attunement —with the strength of the Reiki,

and how different it felt!? The course was very enjoyable and Cat made my experience

a treasured one. Thank you so much Cat xx I cannot wait to go forward

in my journey with these new integrations.

Elizabeth Walker
- THE EMPOWERMENT WARRIOR @the_empowerment_warrior

(3 sessions to curb smoking - this type of session gets under and around

ANY addiction [tobacco, weed, prescription drugs, class A drugs, alcohol]

- clearing the source trauma, triggers and associations feeding them.)

I have had 3 sessions with Cat and am amazed at the instantaneous changes I have noticed after each one.
At the outset of our treatments my objective had been to stop smoking or
to stop berating myself about smoking.

Either way, it felt as if I was spending more time and
energy on worrying and disliking myself for smoking than anything else and I was fed up with it.

Cat offers instant, effortless, feelgood healing and that is exactly what she delivers.
The space Cat held for me during our sessions felt so safe and nurturing I was able to open-up
and finally allow out parts of me that I had been hiding for healing.

Unlike other modalities, the one thing that has stood out with Cat is that there is no emotional or physical pain or processing required after. The results are instant and the process is enjoyable.

Since the final session I have felt more alive, and in my body, than I have in decades.
I have felt motivated and inspired for life again and my relationship with smoking has shifted too —
now, I am no longer at the mercy of the tobacco, in fact, hours go by now without even thinking about it, which is exactly what I wanted… And I am no longer procrastinating about life,
I am ready to go out and live it to the best of my abilities! 

(Thank you again my lovely, I am so grateful for the time and energy
you have put into me and my journey,I have been bouncing around today like a little girl,
it is such a strange and amazing sensation to feel whole again.)”

Gemma Espejo-Degraph

Owner at Nuphoria (presented with debilitating hip pain. Based around the sacral chakra,

it stands to reason that, amongst other things, suppressed creativity surfaced for healing.)

I had an amazing 90 minute session with Cat that included Intuitive Counselling to find the triggers
to the problems or blocks in your life, IQM (Integrative Quantum Healing) to clear the triggers, and some Reiki-fuelled child self-healing and soul refragmentation. Then consolidating it all with Reiki.
I’d never had this type of therapy before and had some beautiful messages from my gramps
who died when I was 8 about my suppressed artist… I let go of some past traumas,
Cat guided me through it so well. It was truly magical. I felt tingling and a fizzing sensation
in every place that Cat worked — bearing in mind this was remotely!
After, I felt lighter, happier and really felt a positive shift and
am still feeling the benefits days later! Thank you so much!

Highly recommended

Gemma Espejo-Degraph

Owner at Nuphoria (presented with debilitating hip pain. Based around the sacral chakra,

it stands to reason that, amongst other things, suppressed creativity surfaced for healing.)

Deborah Whiles @wildmoonseed

1:1 boost session - and I threw in a Reiki attunement top-up!

I am so grateful for the incredible healing and clearing you blessed me with. I feel so clear, lighter, reconnected to Reiki energy... Positive, worthy, empowered, ready, centered, aligned and excited for the future. I'm ready to step up & into my power with my work. This healing was just what I needed. Thank you. Thank you. 


Julia P

(ZOOM group healing - in this one we focused on manifestation.)

I truly felt inspired when I briefly went online in the early days after my mother passed. I was asked one thing, "What do you want to achieve this year?", and the first thing that came to mind was to turn £1m over in my business…. Well I haven’t stopped since, and I won the last job which has broken through the barrier I aspired to. Thank you Cat for allowing me a moment to focus in a time of deep heartbreak for me to look to the future Xxx  

Steph & Dave

(Blessing ceremony)

We found Cat through a google search for wedding blessing, healing, reiki, Ibiza….
and what we got was all of that and so much more too.

Unfortunately we had a very difficult first year of marriage – husband was injured the week
of our wedding, spent our last night together in hospital, the morning of the wedding
having injections to ease his pain enough to get through the ceremony and he missed
most of our reception. That first year went from bad to worse until
eventually he had surgery and started rebuilding himself.

While he had a lot of physical pain to deal with, we both carried a lot of emotional pain
that we desperately wanted to let go of and move forward from. We booked our honeymoon
for our 1st anniversary – and focused on being strong enough to make that trip.
We thought about what we wanted from the trip and that led us to our google search.

From our very first message exchange I felt the warmth from Cat and felt like she was listening to OUR story. She didn’t try to give us a standard package or force ideas on us, just gently gave us
ideas and allowed us to take our time and feel what was right for us.
We met Cat on a beautiful beach on a sunny Monday morning and her welcome was as naturally warm andcaring as you could hope for. Then we saw her wonder woman flip flops and
that was it – we knew she was our kind of woman! 😊

Cat was very compassionate to my husband’s injury throughout our session, making sure
he was comfortable, while maintaining the more spiritual and emotional connections too.
She allowed us to feel our pain and then literally draw a line in the sand and step over it together.
It was so simple yet so powerful, and from that moment our lives began to change.
We left Cat feeling more energised and more still at the same time.
Revitalised and ready for the next chapter. Cat’s parting gift to us was the message that
“Much magic lies ahead” … and she was right, and in that moment that was exactly what
we needed to hear 💖 If you’re looking for a little help or guidance to deal with something
that's been bothering you or would just love some positive vibes, we would really recommend Cat! 

Alex Tomescu

(BOOSTS online and in person)

Hola, chérie! I need so bad to thank you for your magic. Since I left, I’ve been starting to get a lot of flashbacks of my old self and been feeling so uplifted. I haven’t felt like this since last year, when my episode started. And I’ve also been able to let out all my suppressed sadness, which is a huge step, because the emotional pain was so so bad that I became really numb and didn’t allow myself to nurture it. Really owe you one🌸, and appreciate your good vibes 💜 

An ensuing online session included clearing the path to him breezing his US visa application for acting school, to which I was delighted to receive: 
Cheeeeerie, cheeeeeerie, I've got it! Owe you so many!

Teena & Christopher R

(Online BOOST with Teena, and in-person BLESSING CEREMONY with both)

Cat performed our wedding blessing and was such a lovely person to be a part of this very special day. We communicated back and forth for over a year before finally meeting in person. We planned this blessing from the US so having Cat in Ibiza helping solidify plans was very helpful. Her attention to detail, kind spirit and fun energy make her an exceptional woman. She found us a beautiful spot in Ibiza for the blessing and she made it even more pretty with her personal touches. We felt a lovely energy and peace after the reiki blessing and I’d highly recommend this for any one that is seeking balance, peace, harmony and a spiritual grounding. I’ve also personally done a solo healing therapy session remotely via Zoom from the US with Cat. It was deep, intense, very moving and purposeful. I’d highly suggest that anyone seeking healing from trauma, emotional baggage, or pain to do sessions with Cat. She’s caring, empathetic, wise and simply brings the loveliest energy into your emotional space. I do believe that she genuinely cares about her clients and it shows through her kindness and it’s just her nature. We are grateful for the experience and thank Cat for her hand in it.  ❤️


Teena and Christopher R. from Dallas, Texas 

Aron B

(Removing unseen emotional obstacles & blocks to weight loss or gain)

I had a great experience working with Cat on the Weight Shift Project. It was a deeply relaxing moment that helped to solidify my goals. I have been wanting to put on weight for some time now and this was the mental/energetic part of a program that also included diet and exercise. I feel that it helped me to remove my mental and energetic blocks to putting on the weight that I had; making it easier for me to do so. I know that sometimes we can embark on diets and fitness regimes but we end up self-sabotaging. Well, I feel that this helped remove that obstacle and I find myself sticking to the program and now between 7-8 kilos heavier 8 months later. A success I would say! It was great to have Cat in my corner for this battle, helping to remove the unseen, underestimated enemy that is our own self-doubt in our ability to achieve our goals. 

  VED virtual & in-person RETREAT GUESTS


“I have noticed a big reduction in my need to roll and smoke a joint and have been greatly encouraged that I feel like I am much more in control than the weed. “

“I have noticed a big reduction in my need to roll and smoke a joint and have been greatly encouraged that I feel like I am much more in control than the weed. “

Testimonials page coeurs-21.png

“Throughout the retreat I had a sense or feeling of being held and supported by Cats loving healing and it was very useful at times to be able to reactivate Cats healings whenever I felt the need.”

Testimonials page coeurs-22.png

“I was extremely pleased with the improvement I felt in my general physical well being and emotional wellbeing and delighted that after 10 days this has not changed. And I feel much more positive, motivated and inspired than I did for many many months prior to the retreat. 
I am excited to be feeling more loving and kind towards myself since the retreat. “ 

Testimonials page coeurs-23.png

“A huge and wonderful improvement that I am able to enjoy on a minute by minute basis
at the moment is the absence of pain in my left elbow. I have suffered from golfer’s elbow* for years, and it had worsened significantly in the months before my retreat. 
At times any movement of my arm at the elbow was painful… As soon as Cat started working on it,
I noticed significant improvements in how it felt, despite the fact that I was on a beach holiday
at the time and was using my arm a lot more. I should have been in agony
but it was almost pain free… and I am blown away at the moment
because the elbow now is, and continues to be, totally pain free.

The same applies to my knee — since Cat’s treatments, I have been able to kneel
on my yoga mat during my practice, something that was very uncomfortable to do
for over 8 months prior to the retreat.”

Testimonials page coeurs-24.png


“Last July, 2020, I was feeling lost, and had been for many years. I enrolled myself
on a 2-week virtual retreat with Cat ( 


I was desperate to feel inspired by, and for, life again, and remove blocks keeping me from being wholeheartedly in the “now”. If she could also reduce, amongst other physical niggles the chronic, often debilitating, pain of my golfers elbow I’d been riddled with for years, so much the better!

The sessions with Cat were loving, intuitive, and I felt safe and nurtured.
They worked brilliantly online, just as intimate, but with less fuss for me.
Something profound shifted, amongst many other surprising things, Cat helped me open back up
to my creativity and regain my sense of confidence and compassion for myself.
Just 6 months later I posted my first ever collection of paintings online - a real breakthrough for me. And to this day, 10 months on, my golfers elbow has been pain-free,
which is mind blowing in itself! Suffice to say, I’ve found myself!


If any of you are looking to make big shifts in your life and state of mental and physical health,
I cannot recommend Cat enough. I can honestly say her retreats are worth every penny,
but she offers one-off sessions too.”

Testimonials page coeurs-25.png

“My virtual retreat came at a time when I was feeling low and deflated energetically and emotionally. It has been over five weeks now since my retreat and I am amazed at the changes
that have happened. Not only do I feel motivated and energetic I feel much more confident and positive about myself. I have even returned to my yoga mat regularly since the retreat,
something that I have resisted for years.  In short I feel that something huge and significant
has shifted in me via Cats Virtual Retreat and her amazing spirit guides.
I cannot recommend them highly enough and urge anyone looking for a big shift in their life
through a gentle and loving process to book immediately. You will thank yourself forever. “

Testimonials page coeurs-26.png

“The best thing about Cat’s Virtual Retreats is Cat herself.  Her passion and personal commitment
to helping people can be felt powerfully, even through the computer screen.
Her professionalism is palpable and she manages to tackle sensitive issues with a gentleness
yet directness that quickly gets to the root of blocks and negative patterns.
During the two week retreat I felt a powerful sense of being loved, protected and cared for by Cat. 
I ended the retreat with a much stronger feeling of acceptance and love for myself,
which was ultimately what I hoped to achieve from the experience.  Thank you Cat”


“The virtual retreat gives people the opportunity to create a uniquely personal experience.
You can choose to be as active or quiet during the retreat as you like and focus completely
on your own needs and interests.  I also imagine that a virtual reiki retreat is a lot more affordable. “ 

Testimonials page coeurs-27.png

“It was great to receive distance healing as I didn't have to think about a thing, or even get dressed!
I did also very much enjoy receiving the reiki healings, adjustments and meditation during
the three online feedback sessions and enjoyed being present during that process too,
so it was wonderful to be able to have both experiences. “

Testimonials page coeurs-28.png

“The feedback after the distance sessions was extremely helpful and valuable. 
And I was struck by how relevant they were, Cat was very insightful.  For example,
she picked up on the thoughts I had been having about the negative energy of my apartment
and highlighted that she’d cleared this very thing during the feedback that day!”

regular long-term clients

Janusz Walinski — Captain of MY RoMa
(Regular client, retreat guest — both online and in-person, and Reiki 1&2 student)

As a captain overseeing 18 crew and 12 guests, Janusz thankfully knows to take time out to recharge. Reiki also gives him an invaluable self-healing tool whilst on long stints out at sea.



Yes I did, at the end of the retreat my lightness of being had hit top level.



Having had both, I feel that the same desired effect can be obtained

via online healing, as via an in-person session.




social distancing, no need to leave your place of stay or work.


it has been very convenient.


Very helpful, some new stuff came to the surface too.

Due to my work load I would never be able to do it if it WEREN’T online.


Thank you so much for bringing light back to my body and soul.



Yes and more.


Yes and more.


Transformed from a scared child cowering in the corner, to confident,


(Rechilding [child-self healing] is proving to be an invaluable tool for all my clients.)

Testimonials page coeurs-30.png

Lisa LeSage - Beautician and Holistic Therapist to the stars.
(Regular client and retreat guest)

Also in the service industry, Lisa recognises the importance of self-care.
Walking her talk, by checking herself in for some well-earned tlc now and again.





More than exceeded them.


I loved being here with Cat. She’s a ray of sunshine when you’re not feeling so sunny yourself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you will never know how much you have healed me.

Testimonials page coeurs-31.png
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