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My Virtual Retreats allow you to experience all the elements of a retreat
with no need to travel or even leave the comfort of your own bed.

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Delivered fully online, the 1-day and 2-week Virtual Retreats are immersive experiences which include powerful combination healing sessions to allow you to fully explore
your energetic blockages, from past and present,
giving instant and effortless healing on all levels…
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1-Day Reset Virtual Retreat

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Working online, 1-2-1, I hold a deliciously indulgent space for you to escape

from the stresses and strains of life. A chance to step back, be heard, and breathe.

With meditation, intuitive counselling, fusion healing and a handful of other

time-honoured techniques — sculpted and tailored to you specific needs —

I guide you back to more solid, centered ground. We close with gratitudes

and affirmations focusing in on your goals and dreams for the future.



This stands alone as a priceless reset, or as an optional primer for

the 2-week immersion Virtual Retreat below.

2-Week Immersion Virtual Retreat

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Step back… Breathe… Heal…

Whether you’re coming off a one-off healing, 1-day reset retreat, or are brand new to my healing space, my 2-week immersion retreat invites you to delve deeper into any blocks, traumas or stubborn niggles — to finally free yourself of the things holding you back from

your full potentiality and happiness.

Our opening online fusion healing session identifies your retreat goals and healing needs, serving as a launchpad to five, consecutive daily distance clearings/ healings, where my intuition aligns with Reiki and IQM (Integrative Quantum Medicine),

clearing away your key healing focuses, and many secondary culprits along the way.

These interim sessions require no time commitment from you, I simply communicate

any feedback or questions (when applicable) and ask you to respond

within 24 hours to facilitate the next clearing.

We check-in for a midway online fusion healing session, fuelling the next five consecutive distance healings. Our closing session pulls all the foregone healing elements together to solidify and strengthen the whole process. We close with guided affirmations setting the course of the rest of your life! I can set any number of self-enquiry or relaxation exercises, exactly as your spirit and schedule allow. Everyone is unique. But I’d add that my retreats serve asa strong reminder that in a world of hustle, bustle and noise —

with retreats increasingly scheduled up to the eyeballs; allowing limited private space

or precious downtown — less is DEFINITELY more.

Through my Virtual Retreats I delight in providing a safe, accessible,

time-flexible (your time commitment is just 3 online sessions across 2 weeks)

an intimate 1-2-1 healing space, whilst saving on travel, stress, accommodation and planning — all at a fraction of the price. TOGETHER, WE JUST GET THE JOB DONE.

"A life-changing experience!" 



Don’t just take my word for it,
here are some beautiful words
from my retreat guests:

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“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you will never know how much you have healed me.”

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“I feel much more positive, motivated and inspired than I did for many many months prior to the retreat.”

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“I cannot recommend Cat’s retreat

highly enough and urge anyone looking for

a big shift in their life, through a gentle

and loving process, to book immediately.

You will thank yourself forever.”

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“The best thing about Cat’s Virtual

Retreats is Cat herself.  Her passion and personal commitment to helping people can be felt powerfully, even through the computer screen. Her professionalism is palpable and she manages to tackle sensitive issues with a gentleness yet directness that quickly

gets to the route of blocks

and negative patterns.”

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“Cat. Thank you so much for bringing light

to my body and soul.”

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“The sessions with Cat were loving,

intuitive, and I felt safe and nurtured.

They worked brilliantly online, just as intimate,

but with less fuss for me.”

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“I was feeling lost, and had been for many years… And since the retreat to this day,

10 months on, even my golfers elbow

has been pain-free, which is mind blowing in itself! Suffice to say, I’ve found myself!”

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“It has been over five weeks now since my retreat and I am amazed at the changes that have happened. Not only do I feel motivated

and energetic, I feel much more confident and positive about myself… I feel that something huge and significant has shifted in me.”

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“Transformed from a scared child cowering

in the corner to confident,


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“During the two week retreat I felt

a powerful sense of being loved, protected

and cared for by Cat.”

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“The virtual retreat gives people the

opportunity to create a uniquely personal experience. You can choose to be as active or quiet during the retreat as you like and focus completely on your own needs and interests.”

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“Working online was super easy… 

My conversations with Cat felt as intimate, personal and focused as they would have been if we had been in the same room. 

And it was very relaxing to know that

you simply had to show up in front of a

screen to be ready for each session.”

On-site retreats (subject to availability)

REST, RELAX, RECUPERATE & RESTORE in our grounding, peaceful, scenic Mediterranean countryside retreat.

Enjoy the privacy/safety of a cosy annexed lower level studio with its own entrance and garden area, whilst still knowing we’re nearby. “It feels like being held in the palm of Mother Earth.”

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Relaxed Boho vibes and Earthly tones

set the backdrop for some well-earned, affordable MEtime. A time to simply breathe, relax, reset, recharge, reboot

or to enjoy a safe space to collaboratively explore and clear anything blocking

you from your very best life.

We will come together 1:1 for 3x90-minute fusion sessions (4 night retreat) drawing on a potent blend of Intuitive Counselling, IQM Integrative Quantum Medicine and Reiki, or 6 sessions (7 night retreat).

Within these intuitively sculpted, personalised fusion sessions,

guided visualisation, BREATHAMATIONS©️and affirmations will often feature too.

Within either retreat formula, you will move forward immeasurably.

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A separate 30-minute foot massage is also included - Rona restrictions allowing.  

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Outside of our sessions, reflection or self-enquiry quests will be set for those wishing to delve deeper,

but otherwise you’re invited to optimise on the sessions’ healing shifts by savouring precious solo time

to explore the island, rest, snooze, watch feel-good telly, journal or read.

(Sessions included in price are for individuals or couple’s combined sessions. For two friends sharing, additional session charges apply.)

Or you may instead wish to use your stay to do Usui Reiki 1,2 or 3 residential 2-day 1:1 training at a hugely discounted price. This includes a comprehensive manual and certificate.

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Basic cooking set-up, breakfast supplies, private parking and high-speed internet are included.

Car recommended, though bar/cafe/restaurant and supermarket are within 5-min walking distance. Beach/cove @ a 12-min walk away. Main town seafront promenade (countless bars/cafes/restaurants)

@ 15-min walk away, and town centre @ 25 mins walking.

(Delicious re-heatable vegetarian meals can be stockpiled in your fridge at an additional cost, and although we very much invite you to bask in a less is MORE downtime philosophy, we have a wholesome list of additional on-site pampering opportunities and 1:1 on-site yoga teachers which you can happily add

to your itinerary - to give you total flexibility, these are booked and paid separately by you.)

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